Monk's Cellar: Becoming Human through Worship - Bro. Thomas Aquinas Picket, O.P.

Name of Location: 
Monk's Cellar
Monday, April 10, 2017 - 7:00pm


Becoming Human through Worship: St. Thomas on the Natural Foundation of Liturgy.

What is worship, and why should we do it? For St. Thomas Aquinas, if we fail to answer these questions correctly, we fail to grasp something essential about what it means to be a human: who we are is bound up with how we worship. To take it a step further, our worship is bound up with how we become happy. This talk will share what St. Thomas Aquinas means by worship and how important it is for the task of becoming fully human.  


Presenter: Br. Thomas Aquinas Pickett, O.P. is a solemnly professed Dominican friar who will be ordained a deacon this spring. He studied philosophy at Gonzaga University ('11), and will finish his M.A. in Theology and his Masters of Divinity from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in May. Br. Thomas dabbles in running, music, photography, and annoying his brothers with relating everything to St. Thomas Aquinas's treatment of the virtue of religion.



As always, any young adult (18-39), Catholic or not, is welcome to attend. A very special thanks for our good friends at The Monk's Cellar who provide great deals on the best pub food around. You buying dinner is a great way to thank them. The drinks are on us and start at 7pm. Show up early for a good seat.


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