Monk's Cellar: Happiness, Virtue, and the Good Life - Fr. George Snyder

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Monk's Cellar
Monday, December 11, 2017 - 7:00pm

Don't miss November's Veritas event at the Monk's Cellar as we welcome Fr. George Snyder - the Pastor of St. Clare Parish in Roseville. 

Happiness, Virtue, and the Good Life. 

St. Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle have provided the Church with rich teachings on the moral life and ultimate human good. Sadly, many Catholics lack a basic proficiency in the language of virtue and beatitude. The consequences of our ignorance have reverberated throughout the world - resulting in the decimation of culture and the family. It's time to change course and recover a Catholic understanding of life's meaning. Don't miss this engaging presentation on the good life. 

As always, any young adult (age 18-39), Catholic or not, is welcome to attend. The drinks are on us. Come early for a good seat. Our events are packed with amazing young adults. New faces are always welcome. We want to extend a special thanks to our good friends at Monk's Cellar who have opened their restaurant to us. You buying dinner is the best way to thank them for their hospitality. 

Father George T. Snyder, Jr., was born in Olongapo City in the Philippines 48 years ago. For him, the call to the priesthood started very early. His mom, who is a devout Catholic, offered the unborn child she was carrying to serve God. Early on he felt a desire to be a priest, studying the priests at Mass on Sundays and imitating them by donning a white sheet for his vestments.
In 1986, Father George and his family (he has 4 brothers) immigrated to Calif., taking up residence in Vallejo. Father George went to work for 10 years for an electronics firm in Petaluma, Ca., as an electrical discharge machine operator.
Father George entered Mt. Angel Seminary in St. Benedict, Ore., in 1998 and graduated with honors, earning a bachelor of arts degree in Philosophy. In 2002, he attended St. Patrick Seminary and University in Menlo Park for a year of theological studies. Then he was accepted and moved on to the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, where he earned a masters in divinity degree in 2007.
He was ordained to the Priesthood on June 29, 2007, and was assigned as a Parochial Vicar at St. Mel Parish in Fair Oaks for three years. In 2010, Father George was appointed Pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Redding and St. Michael Mission in Shasta Lake California where he also served as the Vicar Forane (Dean) for the Shasta Deanery.
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