Monk's Cellar: Deacon Lawrence Klimecki - The Catholic Aesthetic

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Monk's Cellar
Monday, June 12, 2017 - 7:00pm

Don't miss Veritas at Monk's Cellar as we welcome Deacon Lawrence Klimecki.

Do you have a sense that there is something wrong with the world? Even more, do you think that you should be able to do something about it? Are you are not sure where to begin? Do you feel a little lost?  Many of us have lost our sense of story. We have lost, not only the story of mankind but our individual story as well. We no longer see the stories we tell each other as anything other than entertainment. But the stories we tell each other have always had a spiritual element as well. Whether they are parables from the Bible, folktales, books, television or movies there is a structure to stories, a structure based on our spiritual journey. That is why they have the ability to resonate so deeply within us.

In this talk, Deacon Lawrence looks at our most popular forms of storytelling and connects them to our spiritual journey.  He looks at how screenwriters are trained to put a structure in their stories that reflects the journey of our lives. By examining this structure we can gain new insights into our lives and begin to see the world and the obstacles we encounter in a new and different way.
“Everyone should see themselves as the hero of their story, heroes who can change the world.”


As always, any young adult (18-39), Catholic or not, is welcomed to join us. A very special thanks to our friends at Monk's Cellar for providing great deals on the best food in town. You buying dinner is a great way to thank them for their hospitality. The drinks are on us. Come early for a good seat. 


Deacon Lawrence Klimecki is an internationally acclaimed artist, designer, and writer, spreading the Gospel message through words and pictures that touch the hearts and minds of modern Catholics while remaining deeply rooted in Catholic tradition.

Deacon Lawrence currently resides in the Diocese of Sacramento, serving at Presentation Parish in Carmichael. 
He is the Founder and Creative Director of Gryphon Rampant, a firm specializing in liturgical art, design, and illustration. He is married to his high school sweetheart, AnNita and they have one son.​
Since his ordination in 2008 Deacon Lawrence has used his background in art and design to encourage people to use their gifts to build the Kingdom of God, speaking to the artist that lies buried deep within each one of us. Through stories that are more like modern day parables, he connects the ancient teachings of Christ with the realities of the modern world, encouraging his listeners to strive to make their entire lives a work of art dedicated to God.
“I am passionate about helping people understand the gifts that God has given to them are for them to use in His service, building up the Kingdom. This particularly applies to artists and those blessed with creativity, which is to say, all of us. I speak on those areas where art intersects faith.”
​He established The Catholic Artist’s Guild to give an online presence to the many visual artists struggling to have their work seen by a larger audience and is a regular contributor to Smallpax, The Catholic Illustrator’s Guild. His work was featured in the first national tour sponsored by the Foundation for Sacred Art and his clients include Paulist Press, LTP (Liturgy Training Publications), and EWTN.
Past talks have included topics such as “Art and Ecumenism,” “The Icon, its History and Meaning,” “The Development of Christian Art,” and “Liturgical Art in the Modern World.”


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