Monk's Cellar: The Beast vs. The Lamb

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Monk's Cellar
Monday, March 13, 2017 - 7:00pm


In Revelation 13, St. John tells us that, to most, the anti-christ will be indistinguishable from the Christ - the beast, not only resembles, but imitates the Lamb. This is a scary thought given that our everlasting happiness depends on who of the two we decide to worship. How can we tell the difference between the beast and the Lamb? There is a way. And Lent is the perfect time to decide whose side you're on. If you think you've already got it figured out, just remember - Judas managed to deceive ten of the eleven other apostles, right up to the end. 

Don't miss an engaging discussion that tackles everything from the Last Supper, to the end of days, to artificial intelligence, to the timely prophesies of Our Lady of Fatima. These are some crazy times we're in. But we're here for a reason. 

As always, any young adult (18-39), Catholic or not, is welcome to attend. A very special thanks for our good friends at The Monk's Cellar who provide great deals on the best pub food around. You buying dinner is a great way to thank them. The drinks are on us and start at 7pm. Show up early for a good seat.

Presenter: John Johnson 


John Johnson is the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at St. John the Baptist in Folsom as well as the owner of a small business, Petros LLC. He moonlights as an adjunct professor of Theology for the Avila Institute School of Spiritual Formation, and has degrees in Philosophy and Theology from St. Mary's College and the DSPT respictively. He married way out of his league and has two daughters. He co-founded Veritas young adults in 2009. 


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