To The Heights: Recharge: Sledding and Fellowship

Name of Location: 
Donner Summit California State Snopark
Soda Springs
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 8:00am

To The Heights Recharge event: Sledding & Fellowship.

Bring your sled or borrow your uncles because we are going to enjoy the winter weather with some free sledding!
The Snow park is free range snow sledding and snow play, there won't be any "magic carpets" to bring us up hills we will have to hike up small or large hills in order to zoom down them. 
Since it's a free snow park we will have to make a few sledding trails of our own but we wouldn't be part of To The Heights if we weren't up for an adventure ;)
If you're not up for sledding... you can play in the snow :) Maybe some make some snow saints?

We will be joined by one of To The Heights spiritual leaders Father Brian Solivan.

Don't forget to dress warm, pitch in for drivers and bring your own sled because they don't provide any.

8:00am: Carpool leaves from Whole Foods Market, (Fountains At Roseville, 1001 Galleria Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678)

9:30: Arrive at Donner Summit Snopark for sledding (Near Boreal)

12:00: Finish sledding and head to lunch nearby

Arrive back at Whole Foods before 4pm

Drivers need to have a $5 permit to park and can be purchased online or at a local vendor all details are here:

***If this event is cancelled because of snow we will instead go to Auburn for a backup hike*** stay tuned for that.

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