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Recently the Supreme Court was debating a ruling on the legality of Gay Marriage in the United States; we saw the CEO of Starbucks declare that anyone who upholds traditional marriage should take their business elsewhere. Have we come to the point where Marriage will no longer be Christian affair, but something to be appropriated by the secular world as well? Will it become as soiled as healthcare with the insidious provisions to take... [ Read more ]
The older I get, the more places I go, the more books I read, and the more people I meet, the more aware I become of humanity’s inherent, inescapable, and almost incomprehensible, brokenness. The wounds first caused by Original Sin, and made worse through personal sin, have manifested themselves in different ways, bitterness, coldness, arrogance, fear, indifference, self-pity, doubt, anger. The list could go on, but the reality remains the... [ Read more ]
The perfect body seems to allude us all.  It's something that everybody wants but few of us have.  Most of us, try as we do, find ourselves stuck with the same dying, odly shaped, drooping flesh.  The situation seems hopeless.  Even St. Paul is fed up: “When can I escape this body of death?” (Romans 7:24) Paul wants a new body just like we do. But he's not looking to do P90X, and he's not looking for... [ Read more ]
Tradition is the conveyance of the real; literally, the “handing on” of truth. At the heart of Holy Thursday, the young Church is entrusted with precisely this. A man who has identified Himself as the Truth itself has commissioned the twelve apostles to hand him on - through teaching, by imitating his service to them, and most especially through their priesthood and the representation of the eucharistic sacrifice: thus is born... [ Read more ]
In this short essay, I intend to discuss the meaning and interrelation of the senses of Scripture. Once we have analyzed the nature of and distinction between these different senses, we will then explore how this meaning and interrelation provides the foundation for an interpretative stance or hermeneutic in a Catholic context. We will begin by presenting a precise definition of what we refer to as the “literal sense” of Sacred... [ Read more ]