Curing Discernment Paralysis – John Johnson

Jul 9 2018
Do you suffer from discernment paralysis? Common symptoms of discernment paralysis include feeling like you're un-datable, being worried about practical impediments to religious life, unceasingly waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect Spouse to manifest in a cloud of glory engagement ring-in-hand, unceasingly waiting for a legion of angels to show up in your bedroom to reveal to you your vocation as harps play in the background, chastity struggles, constant waffling, fear of asking that person out, clip-boarding your ideal spouse before meeting them, dating without direction, dating with wrong direction, dating without being ready to marry, writing off dating all together, boatloads of student loan debt, feeling like you've "missed" your vocation. Discernment paralysis is an epidemic among even the most faithful of Catholic young adults. Generationally, we are afraid to commit, afraid to love, and afraid to say "yes" to what God has in store for us. But Theology of the Body is not a spectator sport! By getting to the heart of what obstructs our discernment, and discovering the Church's simple, practical wisdom on the question of vocation, we can be set free... from discernment paralysis - currently affecting 6 out of every 10 Catholic young adults (give or take). Whether you are discerning marriage, religious life - already married or still single, join us for this interactive discussion on the keys to vocational discernment. This is your prescription. Side effects of attending this talk may include: motivation and vocational clarity, new understanding of self-worth, understanding of different saints' models of discernment, practical takeaways for discerning marriage and religious life. In rare cases, meeting your spouse at this event may occur. John Johnson is the Associate Director of the Avila Institute. He has degrees from St. Mary's College and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology. For over a decade he served at the parish level as a Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Sacramento. He has spoken at Catholic retreats and events across the country. He and his wife, Alexandria, have three children: Mary, Agnes, and John Jr. He co-founded Veritas Young Adults 10 years ago (almost to the day). He wrote this paragraph himself in the third person.