Monk's Cellar: Fr. Joshua Curtis, FSSP - Eutrapelia

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Monk's Cellar
Monday, October 14, 2019 - 7:00pm

In the modern world we live under an ever-present cloud of easy gratification. The internet, television, radio; computers, tablets, and cell phones; these things have brought unprecedented utility into our lives, but also great danger. Based on a series of sermons delivered at St. Stephen the First Martyr Catholic Church, join Fr. Curtis in examining the threats that the means of modern recreation bring to the life of virtue, to our time, and to our finances, and ultimately, to our spiritual lives. 

It is time to recover what the ancients termed eutrapelia - that is, right recreation.

Fr. Joshua Curtis, FSSP is the Pastor of St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish in Sacramento. He was ordained a priest in 2014. 

As always, we thank our friends at the Monk's Cellar for welcoming us and serving up some of the best food and beer in town. The best way for you to thank them is by buying dinner at this event. The beer is provided generously by St. Joseph Marello Parish in Granite Bay - and is free to you. This event is open to any young adult, Caholic or not, between the ages of 18-39(ish). New faces are always welcome, so bring a friend. If you are not a young adult, please do not join us in person. Recordings of the talks are made subsequently available on the Veritas Podcast. 

Here's the Facebook Invite. Please spread the word. 

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