Veritas at Monk's Cellar: How Can Church Doctrine Change? - Fr. Bernhard Blankenhorn, O.P.

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Monk's Cellar
Monday, September 9, 2019 - 7:00pm
How Can Church Doctrine Change?
Speaker: Bernhard Blankenhorn, OP,
Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (“The Angelicum”) in Rome
From the death penalty and ecumenism to marriage and family issues, many Catholics today wonder how the Church’s teaching has changed and how much it can change.  This talk will give a survey of different criteria by which pastors, theologians and the lay faithful seek to determine the possibilities and limits of doctrinal development. A proper understanding of the nature of revelation and tradition and of the authentic function of the magisterium will help the person in the pew to better navigate some of the debates in the Church today.
As always, any young adult (18-39..ish) is welcome to attend, Catholic or not. If you are not a young adult, please do not join us. You can catch the podcast instead. Young families are welcome to bring their little ones. 
We want to thank our friends at the Monk's Cellar for providing us with some great deals on the best food around. You buying dinner is the best way to thank them. The beer is free to you and paid for by St. Joseph Marello Parish. It starts flowing freely at 7pm. Show up early for a good seat. Our events are usually standing room only - packed with amazing young adults. New faces are always welcome, so bring your friends.

Fr. Bernhard Blankenhorn, O.P. is professor aggregatus in the faculty of theology at the Angelicum in Rome.  He was born in Jülich, Germany (near Aachen) in 1973.  He is a Dominican friar and was ordained to the priesthood in 2006.  He studied at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology in Berkeley, California as well as the Dominican studium in Toulouse, France.  He completed his doctorate at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, under the direction of Gilles Emery.  Since 2013, he has been teaching at the Angelicum.

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