The Four Horsemen and the Office of the Dead: Fr. Dominic Savoie, FSSP

Name of Location: 
St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish
Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Join us for an EXTRAORDINARY Veritas event co-hosted by St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish. 

6:30 PM - Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form
7:15 PM - Cocktail Social, Parish Hall
8:00 PM - Catechetical Talk by Fr. Dominic Savoie         


In light of recent Church turmoil, we would do well to put things into their proper historical context... 

The cataclysms of the fourteenth centuries shook Christendom to its core. The trauma was destined to change the physical church and the society in which she was centered. With the passing of the stable social structures, from the apparent stability of the papacy, tranquility of the state, material sustenance and preservation of life, one would expect ruins.
The edifice of society was truly crumbling; but rather than destroying the Church, the wounds revealed her heart. Lay devotion was altered and attuned itself to the new circumstances. With the end of everything befalling them the laity didn’t simply shun the void, they considered it. In the face of uncertainty, they firmly rested on what was certain; all things have an end. They lifted their thoughts to their heavenly final-end, the end of the world and their own personal end—death.

Any young adult (18-39), Catholic or not, is welcome to join us. If you've never had much exposure to the traditional liturgy, you are in for a treat. Spread the word and bring a friend. We're about to get medieval. 



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