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Let us never forget those who have fallen asleep. When we remember and care for the departed, we become just a little more like God. For in God, the memory of every person is eternal. He alone remembers everyone. But we who live and die must struggle and strive to do what little we can to pass down the memory of family members, and friends. When we do this act of love, we rise above our mortal life, of things passing away and of things that are... [ Read more ]
A recent blog claims that, following in the footsteps of Jesus and Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis aims to end religion. "Some scholars," the author points out, "have said that Jesus came to end religion. If you consider how He continuously provoked and criticized the Pharasees and Scribes, this begins to make sense." Sounds great, right? Jesus came to end religion! Spirit of Vatican 2! Whoopiee! (Can't you... [ Read more ]
Patron of no less than three countries, St. George is no doubt amongst Christendom's most beloved saints. He is the model of duty, humility, and service. Less well known than his fight with the dragon, is the heroic story of his martyrdom under Diocletian. Early Christians were captivated by the life of Saint George, that many churches to this day bear his name. His renown even crosses the religious divide. It is said in Israel there is a... [ Read more ]
Christ our Lord says to us "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you" "Do not allow your hearts to be troubled and do not be afraid." (John 14:27).I was asked by a friend today what my thoughts were on the document put together by the Holy Synod for the Family. I must confess, I haven't really been paying all that close attention. Things like this happen frequently enough and with much latitude that for most of us, to... [ Read more ]
In what might be the most Catholic movie to hit theaters since The Dark Knight Rises, The Giver is a movie worth seeing. If you can get past some mediocre acting (Bridges exempt) and a few campy flashback scenes, including one misplaced homage to Nelson Mandela, there is a good amount of Christian meditation to be had through this film. Taking place in an all-too-believable dystopian future, The Giver is a cautionary tale against humanist... [ Read more ]