Monk's Cellar: Tradition and Betrayal - John Johnson

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Monk's Cellar
Monday, March 9, 2020 - 7:00pm

In St. John's Revelation, we witness the apocalyptic battle between two figures: the beast and the Lamb. While we would assume that these opponents will be easily distinguishable, in reality they are not. Both are signified as creatures, both make war, both have recovered from mortal wounds, both have multiple horns, both elicit worship from the nations, both give their followers a mark... 

Similarly, in the upper room on Holy Thursday, the truth incarnate, entrusts and gives himself wholly to his apostles for the purpose of drawing all men to himself. There is a word for this re-communicable handing on of the real: “tradition.” But this word’s Latin cognate, tradere — literally, "to hand on" (as well as St. John’s Greek, παραδιδόναι / paradidonai) carries a distinctively paradoxical double meaning; it can be translated as “to hand on” as well as… “to hand over.”

Christ gives himself to each apostle for the purposes of being handed on. But one opts to hand him over. Why is this important? Because like the Lamb and the beast, tradition and betrayal are virtually identical in external appearance. Judas manages to fool most of the apostles right up to the end. The others even praise him in the midst of his betrayal, assuming he is going to serve the poor (Jn 13:28).

Sadly, this episcopal ambivalence to betrayal and apostasy is echoed today in grave ways. How should the lay faithful to respond to bishops who are seemingly blind (or worse, complicit) in the face of scandal? 

The answer will suprise you. 

Don't miss this spirited Lenten discussion as we dig into the scandals that plague the church today. From the sex abuse crisis to the papacy, nothing is off limits. As always, we wish to thank our friends at the Monk's Cellar for providing the best beer and great deals on food. You buying dinner is the best way to show your thanks. The beer is completely free to you and sponsored by St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church. 

Speaker: John Johnson 

The event starts at 7pm. Show up early for a good seat. 


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