To The Heights: Coastal Trail & Stinson Beach

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St. Mary's Catholic Church
Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 8:00am

Join us for a whole day adventure or just meet us for the hike! 

We will enjoy panoramic ocean views along this section of the Coastal Trail running between Pantoll Station and W Ridgecrest Blvd in Mount Tamalpais State Park. This breathtaking section of California's Coastal Trail is relatively flat, allowing you to focus your energy on the surrounding scenery rather than catching your breath.

This easy hike is less then 6 miles with lots of views and shade, About halfway along the route you’ll pass the rusting remains
of a trailside car wreck where rattlesnakes are sometimes
spotted (keep a watchful eye as you pass). 

We will head to Stinson beach after the hike and hang out near the water before grabbing dinner.

Pack a lunch to eat in the car or along the trail.

Please make sure your whole car is in agreement before departure
if you need to return early or you don't want to go to the beach after.

Here's the Schedule from Sac.
8:00am | Mass at St. Marys Church,1333 58th St, Sacramento, CA 95819

8:30am | Carpool leaves from St. Mary's
11:30-12:15pm | Depending on traffic Arrive at Pantoll Campground (Parking)

12:30pm | Hike will Start! on Matt Stevens trail to Coastal Trail stopping at W Ridgepoint Blvd and then looping back to Pantoll Campground Parking.
4:00pm | Arrive back to Pantoll Campground.
Carpools Decide: Head to Stinson beach (Just down the road) or head back to Sac.

6pm: Eat Dinner at Whole Foods (Lots of options for everybody)
7pm: Head back to St. Mary's

****Return time depends on each carpool

***All times are tentative, please drive yourself if you can't go by this schedule or make sure your carpool knows, also let us know if you are going to meet us at the trail head so we can start with you.

***There is no cell reception at the trail head please make sure you know the route once exciting the freeway*

***Bring money for carpool & parking lot.

GiGi is the leader for this hike 916-365-6632

Rsvp to her or on here:

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