Growing in the Face of Scandal - John Johnson

Sep 10 2018
These are trying times in the Church, to be sure. As many feel hurt and betrayed by the Church hierarchy over the sexual abuse crisis and cover-up, we would do well to revisit the primal act of apostolic betrayal through examining the deeds of Judas Iscariot. More importantly, though, is our response to those deeds. St. John the Beloved is the only apostle to actually see the treachery of Judas for what it is. When the other 10 trust that Judas is out doing good for the poor, St. John sees. When the other 10 are arguing about who will betray the Lord, St. John sees. St. John sees plainly the treachery of Judas, but how does he respond? His response must be our response. Only in imitation of the Beloved Disciple's response to apostolic betrayal will we console Christ and have the courage to follow Him into His life-giving Hour. John Johnson is the Associate Director of the Avila Institute. He has degrees from St. Mary's College and the Dominican School of Philosphy and Theology. For over a decade he served at the parish level as a Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Sacramento. He has spoken at Catholic retreats and events across the country. He and his wife, Alexandria, have three children and one on the way.